Services offered by GeoNet network

GeoNet is built by 30 reference stations, providing a nationwide coverage of the territory of Bulgaria.The average length of the baselines between the stations is 74 kilometers.

The network is built with the latest generation Trimble receivers and antennas providing the best network solution, highest accuracy and reliability of results.

Receivers track signals from all existing navigation systems and support the new GPS frequency L5 ensuring better results in challenging conditions of surveing. The antennas of the reference stations reduce the „multipath” effect to the minimum .

Through the Internet, the access to network services is faster and easier, requiring just a few settings.

Applications of our GNSS services:

  • Providing network data to determine precise coordinates for the needs of geodesy, cadastre, communications, research and development of mineral resources, geology, building and maintenance of electricity installations, oil and gas pipelines, and more.
  • Providing network data to determine precise coordinates for construction of buildings, roads, water installations, railway infrastructure, automated machine guidance.
  • Providing network data to determine deformations of water installations and railway infrastructure.
  • Providing precise monitoring of tectonic plates for geodynamic processes research and seismology purposes.
  • Providing differential corrections for maintaining GIS systems, data collection for ecology purposes, environmental and water protection.
  • Providing differential corrections for precise positioning of agricultural machines and determine boundaries of arable land.
  • Fleet management - vehicles tracking and monitoring.