Whatever your surveying application, Zenit-Geo and Trimble solution will help you work faster and smarter. Built on a foundation of reliable service, equipment and software, Zenit-Geo GNSS system is designed to support all surveying applications.

Main advantages

  • Nationwide infrastructure network, covering the entire territory of Bulgaria.
  • The network is installed with new generation base receivers providing complete GNSS solution.
  • There is no need for separate base station. The permanent network stations are used as base stations.
  • Enhanced network reliability. If one of the reference stations shuts down, connection is immediately transferred to another.
  • The end user obtains data that do not need further post processing.
  • To take advantage on GeoNet services, you only need basic knowledge of GNSS technology and how to use the receiver. For your convenience we also provide 24/7 assistance.

Our Services


Access to differential corrections with high-precision accuracy in real time (RTK).

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Access to differential corrections with GIS&Map accuracy in real time.

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Access to raw data for post-processing (Post Processing, VRS PP).

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