Providing data for post processing - PPData

PPdata service enables users to access raw data for post processing. Data is obtained through continuous measurements of each of the 30 GNSS permanent GeoNet stations.

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The process of surveying:

Determining coordinates through data post processing is the first and oldest method to obtain precise position.

Using this method the base receiver is placed to a point with known coordinates, set to collect raw data over a specified interval of time (1, 3, 5 or 15 seconds). The rover is placed to the point we want to obtain coordinates for and set to collect raw data over the same intervals of time as the base receiver.

Data obtained from the base receiver and rover is processed by post processing software to obtain precise coordinates.


Determining coordinates by post processing with data obtained through PPdata does not require to have your own base station. GeoNet permanent reference stations are located so as to ensure nationwide coverage of the entire territory of Bulgaria.

Technical data:

Maximum accuracy: 0.5cm

Data Format: RINEX, RINEX (Hatanaka compression)

Access: Internet

Navigation system: GPS+GLONASS

Data obtained in the DGPS mode can be used for:

  • Processing and adjustment of GMMP (geodetic networks for local purposes).
  • Processing and adjustment of control network.
  • Determination of relative velocity and research of geodynamic processes.
  • Earthquake early warning and seismology studies.
  • Deformations monitoring - water installations and railway infrastructure.
  • Landslides researches.

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